“In a world where everyone shows and tells everything…. I value privacy and discretion.” Sonya Teclai

In order for the relationship between executive coach and executive to be effective, the executive must be able to openly discuss personal feelings and concerns regarding their jobs, their leaders and colleagues, the organisation and its strategy and many other issues which may include personal issues.

Confidentiality, is the necessary foundation to building trust in any coaching relationship. Without it, the executive coach will be unable to fully understand the executive's challenges sufficiently. Therefore, it is paramount that clear ground rules regarding confidentiality are agreed upon between the executive, coach,  and client during the contracting process.

As with any ethical situation, there is rarely a clear-cut answer to issues of confidentiality. However, at Great Leaders Matter™ we expand our ethical curiosity in order to influence our ability to think, reflect and consciously avoid ethical blind spots. Ethical awareness around confidentiality, is the...

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