'No man is an island', a saying coined by the English metaphysical poet John Donne (1572-1631).

COVID 19 Impacts

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on organisations across the globe is evident. Wherever you look and despite some green shoots of recovery as some economies will try to refresh. However, there is no denying that most large organisations are transforming into battered, bruised and in some cases dysfunctional entities. If you are a leader, you are now dealing with a unique set of circumstances and solitary working for many and for many of you for the first time in your professional career.


The sheer uncertainty of what lies ahead, coupled with the need to rapidly employ a new set of skills to help drive your organisation forward has presented what has been described by some as unparalleled. Commissioning the services of an Executive Coach, for some was once seen as a luxury investment for an organisation but many are now considering this service as a necessity to help rejuvenate sound leadership and collective team working that COVID-19 has demolished in its wake. 

 Remote Working

With remote working now becoming the norm for a record number of organisations, there are many leadership stressors that have resulted from rapid change to this very different way of working. From having the right IT infrastructure in place to facilitate remote teams, to maintaining necessary information flows between employees and keeping staff engaged, leaders are now being faced with what can feel like an insurmountable challenge. 

 Questions such as;

  • How can I motivate people I can’t see? 
  • How can I read between the lines and pick up on the little issues before they develop into bigger problems?
  •  How can I ensure my team is working efficiently and productively behind closed doors?

These questions and more are being faced by leaders on a daily basis, often with no clear answers in sight.  In PwC's COVID-19 Impacts to Business report  revealed that the six key areas that organisations need to focus on right now are;

  • Crisis management and response,
  • Workforce,
  • Operations & supply chain,
  • Finance & liquidity,
  • Tax, trade & regulatory issues,
  • Strategy & branding. 

Leaders must also be mindful that failure to take action could be even more damaging to the reputation of the organisation, particularly if leaders fail to behave appropriately or empathetically when it comes to managing individual staff needs as a direct result of COVID-19. 

It may be prudent therefore to support staff teams with coaches who specialise in motivating remote teams, implementing new working cultures, or facilitating team buy-in during periods of change. This strategy could prove beneficial as leaders seek to develop sound action plans for the medium to long-term that will promote happy, engaged and productive staff teams. Consider the Astra Zeneca Effectively Leading Through COVID 19 Leaders’ Toolkit 

The meaning of work, our relationship to it and our relationship with our employer, all may have changed. Your ability to demonstrate empathy, compassion, a willingness to be vulnerable, learning agility and adaptiveness will help you to thrive in a more human-centric workplace.

GLM™ Executive Coaching Services and Organisational Transformation.

Some organisations are dynamic and outward-looking, where external (coaching) support is actively encouraged. However, there are a significant number of Board-led organisations that are relying on their leaders to navigate their organisations and businesses out of this coronavirus induced chaos. Unfortunately, if you lead within such organisations your leadership will be under immense pressure, as the decisions you make now could have lasting consequences for your reputation and future career path. If this is you, seeking out an executive coach who can work with you on a discrete, one to one basis will be essential in helping you build your confidence, skills and leadership abilities. It is not necessary to disclose to anyone in the business that you have employed the services of a coach, but you recognise the benefits of seeking executive support to help you overcome one of the biggest challenges you are likely to face in your career. 

In summary, the long-term impact of COVID-19 on businesses is yet to be seen, and navigating any organisation through any kind of change is always challenging but never more so than when the future is uncertain. COVID-19 has ensured that many teams are now widely dispersed and social distancing likely to be with us for some considerable time. Great Leaders Matter™ Executive Coaching Services can provide online coaching, bespoke training and development programmes.  Organisations and leaders in all sectors are beginning to realise that “No man is an Island”.  Great Leaders Matter™ Executive Coaching Services can provide highly specialised support across areas critical to business survival at this time. We can work with you to bounce back to normality. 


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